Planning appeals data now live in LandInsight

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Calum Shepherd
August 15, 2022
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Taking a look at planning applications is an important part of the development process for developers. But, you don’t always have the complete picture – what was the final outcome of that application? Planning appeals can help unlock that information. 

Previously, developers would have to skip back and forth between planning portals and the Planning Inspectorate to get to the data they needed. 

Now, we have all this information inside LandInsight. So you can quickly view planning applications and their associated appeals all in one place – helping you to make informed decisions in minutes. 

Before we jump into how you can use LandInsight to source opportunities, let’s first understand what planning appeals are and why they’re useful. 


What are planning appeals?

Appeals are where a planning application has been rejected by the local planning authority, and the applicant (or someone on their behalf) has decided that an aspect of the decision was unfair. 

You can appeal a decision to the Planning Inspectorate to try and get the decision overturned. 

Or, it can also apply when an application has fallen outside of the agreed timeframes (8 weeks or 13 weeks for major developments) for the planning authority to make a decision. 


Why are planning appeals important for developers? 

Planning appeals can give you instant insights into planning decisions made in the areas you are operating. 

Not only can looking at planning appeals show you what not to do when trying to get planning permission for a particular site, but it also provides you with: 

  • A clearer idea of time framesappeal time can vary a lot from local authority to local authority. Looking at other planning appeals can indicate how much time you potentially have to budget for your appeal.
  • A solid basis for building your own case – use previous appeals to put forward as evidence for your own planning appeal.
  • An indication of appetite – historic appeals can provide a pretty solid idea of the kind of decisions that have previously been overturned.
  • A complete picture – otherwise, you can never be sure whether a decision on an application is final.

And because planning appeals are so valuable, we wanted to make sure you could access them alongside all the other planning data you already get in LandInsight. 


Planning appeals in LandInsight

In the planning applications layer in LandInsight, you can now check if an appeal has been decided for an application. 

Click on any of the planning application dots and you’ll be able to see if an application has been appealed (for all appeals where a decision has been reached by the Planning Inspectorate). 

You can click through to see further details, including: 

  • Reason for the appeal 
  • Decision i.e. appeal allowed or dismissed
  • Link to the full appeal

The data is updated every three months, and that's when it’s made available to us by the Planning Inspectorate. 


What’s next? 

But, wait. There’s more. 

We’re always looking to improve on new features – and planning appeals data is no different. 

Over the next few months, we’re looking to add alerts for appeals. You’ll begin to be notified any time an appeal has been decided for a planning application you’re tracking.

This way, you’ll be able to move fast whenever a decision is made that could work in your favour. 


Check out appeals data

If you’re a LandInsight user, you can log in and see all the data available under the planning applications layer. 

Currently, we’re showing appeals data for all of England, but if you’d like to see data for other countries within the UK, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager and let them know what you’d like to see. 

If you’re not a customer yet and want to find out more about how we can help streamline your site sourcing, click the link below to find out more.

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