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Expand your network and portfolio

  • Share and collaborate on land opportunities

    LandDeals lets you post and collaborate on active opportunities within a closed network of trusted professionals and secure a new project without leaving the Community platform.

  • Connect with other property professionals

    Cut out the noise from other social media apps and make lasting connections with like-minded professionals; from developers to land agents, consultants, and more.

  • Network on the go with our Community app

    Available on your desktop and phone, our Community App allows you to be the first to know about deals and opportunities while you’re on the move. 


Access industry insights and data-driven content

  • Benefit from thought-leadership content

    A centralised and curated hub with resources to help you navigate the entire development lifecycle. 

  • Access exclusive data stories

    Use our interactive data and heatmaps to identify new areas worth looking into. From finding out how much protected land each local authority has, to seeing which Local Plans are up to date – we have you covered.

  • Get region-specific insights

    Our regionalised, cutting-edge data reports, heatmaps, and insights keep you aware of current and emerging opportunities in your area. 

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