Get your due diligence done better

Access the same data your lenders love with the latest LandTech enhancement from Hometrack, part of Houseful.

Including rich property information, residential rental data and sales valuation estimates, improve the accuracy of your financial viability assessments and create lender-ready appraisals fast.

*Hometrack data within LandInsight is a paid service sold separately

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What’s included?

Be the market mover with data you can rely on and get ahead of the competition with quick access to the information you need to decide whether your site is worth progressing,  or not.

Accurate valuations

  • Achieved price
    • asking price
    • valuations estimates
    • sales and rental data
  • Monthly rental asking prices and equivalent £/sqft
  • Property attributes
    • Build date
    • tenure
    • floor area
    • bedrooms
    • bathrooms
  • Data updated  every 30 days
  • Proprietary information sources
    • Mortgages
    • remortgages
    • surveyor reports
    • and rental yields
  • Data used and trusted by 85% of major UK banks
  • No data scraped
  • Integration within the wider LandTech Ecosystem

What challenges does the Hometrack enhancement solve?

  • It brings all the data you need into one place.

    Stop spending hours searching for accurate comparables!

    You’ll see all the sales and rental comps you need overlaid on the map which open out into more detail when you click on a site.

  • It improves your risk assessment with better data.

    Get the foresight your competitors don’t have.

    Unlocking property attributes and valuations estimates from reliable and proprietary sources means you’ll have access to data others don’t have. 

  • You get the most up-to-date comps available on the market.

    Hometrack updates their data every 30 days, so you don’t have to wait months for Land Reg updates. In fact, Hometrack is returning 1700% more new build comps than Land Registry alone in a 12 month period, and 200% in 6 months. You can’t lose!

    You’ll make better estimates, so your appraisals will be more accurate, giving you a better idea of the potential ROI you could make.


What makes the Hometrack enhancement so good?

Hometrack works  seamlessly alongside your most loved LandTech features and success services, improving your work at every stage of the pipeline.


Information overlays on the map, visible alongside planning data, policy, ownership and more.


Available in your site card, so your colleagues and collaborators can view the breakdown in detail.


Populates your appraisals to improve your cashflow analysis and create reports that impress lenders.


Our financial brokers have better data to work with to help them secure the right loan for you.

Need to make sure you’re maximising your next project’s ROI? Here’s how

To bring you up to speed with Hometrack and how its data can be used within the wider LandTech Ecosystem, we’ve put together a short, pre-recorded webinar to do exactly that.

You can watch it immediately without any need for registration. So, take a moment to relax with a cup of coffee and follow the link to discover how Hometrack can help unlock your property development ROI.

Watch the webinar

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