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per month

£ billed annually incl. VAT) Begin Starter trial Begin Starter trial

Access property data to research sites:

  • 100 site ownership views per month
  • 25 planning application views per month
  • View property sold prices


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Access property data to research viability of opportunities:

  • 300 site ownership views per month
  • Unlimited planning application views per month
  • View property sold prices


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Source sites, assess viability and de-risk opportunities:

  • Advanced ultimate ownership data, alerts and export functionality
  • Advanced planning and policy search as well as proactive alerts
  • Advanced comparables, per £/sqft calculator and tailored reports

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Ownership Lookups

Defined as clicking on the map to see the owner and contact address for the property.




Planning Application Views

View and analyse planning application status and history on a property or site.




MasterMap™ Views

The most detailed and accurate mapping of Great Britain, a MasterMap View is a single load of the map.




Property Information

View the building dimensions, nearby building heights and flood risk associated with a property.

Lite Site Insight

Summary of basic site information.


Property Sold Prices for the last five years.

Detailed Property Search

Find properties based on factors such as, floor area, rateable value, use class order, construction status and more.

Advanced Site Insight

In-depth site information compiled on a visual card. Move through ownership, planning, comparables layers and pin key information, add comments and attachments.

Comparables and £/sqft

Property Sold Prices and Price per square foot (£/sqft) for the last five years.

Planning Search

Search and analyse planning applications made in areas or sites of interest.

Ownership Search

View properties owned by a commercial and corporate organisations. Filter by factors such as parcel size and tenure.

Leasehold data

View leaseholder info and search by leasehold start and end dates.

LandInsight GO

Save and manage your development sites from your phone.


Network and collaborate on active opportunities, access valuable industry insights, and gain CPD accreditation through training tools all  within a closed network of trusted professionals.
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LandFund Brokerage

Access the most competitive rates from a range of funding solutions to finance your development, fast. Learn about LandFund

LandFund's Appraisal Tool

Quickly appraise sites and generate data backed, lender-ready reports in an instant. Learn about LandFund

+£2,000 annually

+£2,000 annually

+£2,000 annually

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As well as helping developers find better, off-market development opportunities, the LandTech ecosystem can also help to get your projects funded, as well as providing significant competitive advantage through leading industry insight.

Find & Assess Land

Source sites faster. Source better sites. Secure better margins. Find sites that others can’t. Manage and track sites across teams. And achieve it all while staying ahead of the competition.

Manage Mobile Teams

Our mobile app for Apple and Android devices, and the perfect companion for logging and managing prospective sites when you’re out and about. It’s not just a scaled-down version of LandInsight but is tailor-made for property professionals on the go. 

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Get Projects Funded

Spend less time finding the right lender, increase your chances of higher profits and react faster than your competitors. LandFund is our all-new consultancy service designed to make funding any size project simpler.

Create Appraisals

Quickly and easily find out whether sites are financially viable. Create detailed, yet simple to understand appraisal documents using data sent directly from LandInsight.

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Share Listings

Access regional data and heatmaps, network with peers, influence the LandTech development roadmap, gain CPD accreditation through our training tools, access thought leadership content and register for our events - all from within a single platform.

Grow Your Network

Advertise and collaborate on active opportunities within a closed network of trusted professionals and secure a new project without leaving the platform.

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