Better utility planning for your site, with data supplied by AtkinsRéalis

Access reports and visualise utility data in the LandInsight map view, with our first in-platform utility data service.


What is the utility data service in LandInsight?

LandTech’s in-platform utility service brings best-in-class utility data, in the form of reports and map data to LandInsight; LandTech’s market leading site sourcing tool.

The service uses data supplied by AtkinsRéalis, to supply developers with on-demand utility reports for selected sites, and data which can then be overlaid into the LandInsight map view.
This map data overlay allows developers to easily visualise the locations of utilities, and use that information in tandem with other LandInsight datasets.


Why is this significant for developers?

Better upfront planning, better long-term outcomes.

Utility searches remain a key part in the planning for any successful development project. Design, cost, layout and timeframe for delivery are all elements that can be heavily impacted by failing to factor utilities into a plan.

There are savings to be made here by investing in appropriate utility intelligence, and that’s where LandTech can help.


What challenges will the utility data service solve?

  • Developers will be able to see where existing utility lines run on their site.

    • This will help to determine where the utilities for their site will come from.

    • Help to determine if there is the need to alter any utilities that will service the development.
  • Construction teams can understand where the placement of utility lines are.

    • This will help to avoid accidental damage and subsequent repair costs.

    • Construction teams will know how far they have to dig into the ground to reach utility lines.
  • Extra awareness for architectural teams.

    • Better visibility of constraints can be factored in designs and planning at a much earlier stage.
  • The integrated map data allows the customer to:

    • Consolidate utility assessments processes by accessing all utility information at once, as opposed to having to contact all of the utility providers individually.

    • Get a complete single picture of how all utilities run through a single site without the requirement to convert from multiple PDFs.

    • View different utilities in relation to one another to see how they intersect.

    • Assess the utilities in relation to the surrounding map context and interrogate better e.g. zoom/drawing/measuring tools.

    • Assess utilities in relation to other sites they’ve saved close by.

    • See how utilities lines overlap with ownership parcels.

    • See where utilities lines are able to connect to nearby substations

How will the utility data provided by this service integrate with existing LandTech data?

  • Site sourcing integration

    • AtkinsRéalis' utility map data and reports can overlay on your map, aiding quick site analysis.

      Integrated with LandTech’s power infrastructure layer, it provides comprehensive visibility of your site and surrounding data, including power infrastructure.
  • Site pipeline management

    • Utilities data overlaid on the map is accessible through your saved site card in the pipeline, enhancing visibility for colleagues and stakeholders, fostering better information access and collaboration.
  • Due dilligence

    • Apart from being visible in the map layer and saved site report, your report's information can inform the site appraisals you create in LandFund

      This ensures awareness of potential additional costs during the build phase.

How can developers start to use the utility data service?

Are you ready to start better planning your site's utilities?

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