The data I need lives in too many places

By consolidating all necessary data streams into a single platform, LandInsight offers a time and cost-efficient solution.

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Data scattered everywhere in too many places

Do you seriously have the time to go through all those different data sources?

Lots of property pros are feeling the strain of checking multiple data streams to evaluate site viability. It's tough. Often, there will be multiple subscriptions to check for information like ownership, comparables data, planning applications/policies, power infrastructure, and property info.

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Your time could be better spent

The bottom line is, you're wasting too much time gathering all this info, which means fewer sites get evaluated. It's time to simplify things and find a quicker way to decide if a site is worth investing in.

Checking out different data streams might work for some, but if you're a forward-thinking property professional, it's time to get smart and find a more efficient way. Consolidating all your data in one spot saves you time, resources, and overhead costs from juggling multiple sources.

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It’s time to consolidate your data

A one-stop-shop for all your necessary data.

LandInsight simplifies evaluating site viability for property pros with ownership, comparables, planning, property, and power data available in one user-friendly platform. Just zoom in on the map, choose a parcel of land, and toggle between data layers to access the relevant info quickly and efficiently.

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Save time means you can appraise more sites.

By having a single source of truth for all your require information, you’ll be able to massively reduce the amount of admin work you need to undertake. Properly appraising a site used to take you days. Now you’ll be able to do it in minutes with just a few clicks.

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An example of how we’ve helped our customers unify their data streams to save time and resource

BNP Paribas Real Estate has future-proofed their client services by implementing LandInsight, which has enabled them to provide faster and more accurate information than ever before. The platform's ability to efficiently filter the best development opportunities has resulted in an impressive 90% reduction in time spent by the team.

"LandInsight is the whole package of information – in one."

Jessica Plant
Development Team

Jessica Plant

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