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Property development has never been easy. But more regulations, options, information and, well, competition, make it more complicated than ever.

Get it wrong and you make expensive missteps. You drive up the price by fighting with other developers for sites. Or you spend so long looking things over that you move slower and slower and miss out.

But get it right and you have exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. You can work faster. You can finish projects while the competition are still poring over spreadsheets. You can win deals they haven’t even found yet.

Streamlined processes. Better results.

How do we know it’s needed? Because we needed it.

It all started with a tweet...

How it all began

Back in 2010, Andrew wanted to self-build a house. But the process was… complicated.

Andrew was a developer (the software kind). So he decided to use his skills to make finding and assessing sites a little easier – for himself and others.

So he tweeted: "Property software startup seeks co-founder".

On the other side of the country, ex-town planner Jonny was after a new challenge. He was after a way to bring some much-needed innovation to the property sector. Then he saw Andrew’s tweet.

Andrew never did build that house. But between him and Jonny, they’ve built the fastest-growing PropTech company in the UK (and we think that’s much better).

We’re streamlining the property industry, one leap at a time

How it all began

We started with LandInsight – redefining the way property developers found and assessed off-market sites. It was popular. Hugely so. So we knew we were on to something.

Then we launched LandEnhance – bringing that same level of innovation to the planning world, making it easier than ever to get not just any answer, but the right answer, to your planning applications.

What’s next? Well, that’d be telling…

But suffice to say, the whole property industry could work better. And we know just the people to make it happen.

Every day we’re trying to answer one question – how can we make the property industry better for everyone? That’s a huge motivator to get out of bed every morning (and the weekly breakfast helps too)
Pav Madhan
Analyst and Resident Film Enthusiast

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