Introducing Site Reports: Download & circulate site details in seconds

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Zoe Wright
July 6, 2020
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Your LandInsight account is now better than ever for sourcing and evaluating sites – and sharing that information with the people who need it.


From today, Unlimited plan users can download site reports – either a single-page overview, or a detailed site report. (And there’s even a sneak peek for Starter and Pro users too).

Let’s look at what each report offers.

  • One-page overview

An initial look at some of the important info for a site.

Perfect for those initial stages of site evaluation, when you need to assess opportunities quickly. 

Want to see how one looks? Check out the one-page overview for LandTech HQ.

  • Detailed report

A more in-depth analysis for a specific site of interest.

Add in an overview, ownership data, planning history, policy maps, and comparables – in whatever order works best for you (or take out the sections you don’t need entirely).

Interested in seeing it? Check out the detailed report for LandTech HQ.

Fully customisable reports

In addition to choosing which information goes into the report, you get to customise what comes out too.

The report downloads as a Word document, rather than a PDF. That means you can delete the information you don’t want and add in information you do – like company logos, internal site naming conventions, pictures, additional details – anything at all.

Why? Well, because we recognise it’s not our report. It’s yours.

Want to download your first report?

Check out our help centre article to find out how.

Get started with site reports


Not an Unlimited user?

We’ve still got something for you.

LandInsight Unlimited plan users now have full access to site reports.

But… we want everyone to see the reports in action.

So we’ve decided that Starter and Pro plan users can access three free reports too. Simply log in and download the details of three sites you’re interested in.

Hopefully they’ll help you find your next big deal.


Not a customer yet?

Maybe now’s the time to come aboard…

LandInsight is built on taking the pain points in the property development process and fixing them.

This is just the latest feature in a long list of them. The newest tool to make your life easier, and boost your results.

Get your free trial today and see what site reports, and all the rest of the features, can do to help you succeed.

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