Three ways we've kick-started 2020 at LandTech

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February 6, 2020
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Although it’s fair to say that after a frenetic pace throughout the whole of 2019 – leading to 42 new staff and doubling of revenue among other achievements – it eventually wound down into more of a wobble with parties, hangovers and anti-diets distracting us. 

2020 has iron-pan-to-the-face’d away those frivolities and put us back on track. As I write this, it’s barely even February and we’ve already had three incredibly big announcements.


  • We’ve partnered with JLL Spark

We’ve officially announced that we’ve taken investment from global venture fund, JLL Spark.

JLL Spark has an incredible reputation for investing in disruptive, forward-thinking technology companies transforming the real estate industry. Call me modest, but that felt like a perfect fit for LandTech. And they agreed – not least because their UK team were already using LandInsight for their site sourcing: 


“LandTech greatly simplifies site sourcing and research planning for property developers and has become the fastest-growing proptech company in the U.K.,” said Tanguy Quéro, JLL Spark’s Growth Lead for EMEA. “After careful research by our U.K. JLL residential team, including using its flagship solution, LandInsight, we believe there is significant market potential for the company and are pleased to make this investment.”


If you want to read more about it, check out this article on PlaceTech.

But this is about far more than just money – we see this as an incredibly powerful partnership that will help LandTech to achieve some of our big ambitions. In particular because…


  • We’re expanding internationally

JLL has a global reach and its intention is to leverage this to help bring about technological change in the property industry. LandTech is built on data-processing, mapping and delightful user-experiences that empower our clients to work smarter. This combination makes for a formidable partnership.

Where exactly are we expanding to? Stay tuned to hear more of our updates about this.

We’ve got a great ecosystem of products (with more to come), and it seems like everywhere we look, markets are suffering from the same housing crisis as the UK.

There’s a lot we can do to help. And there’s a lot we can bring back to feed into the UK system too, so everything’s getting better and better.


  • We’ve joined Tech Nation’s Upscale 5.0 cohort

And finally, each year Tech Nation selects some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK to join an exclusive club – the Upscale cohort.

They then offer six months of expert advice, introductions, and opportunities that help those fastest-growing companies to grow even faster.

We’re really looking forward to having that expertise behind us as we scale – and we’re looking forward to the wider knowledge sharing too. We’re joining some of the most ambitious startups in the country, so I can’t wait to hear their ideas (and share some insights of our own, too).

It’s a huge opportunity. And it’s deeply flattering to be included too. After all, as The Telegraph put it, we’re one of the UK’s 30 most-promising tech startups


2020 is going great – but it’s just getting started...

We have lots more irons in the fire and look forward to making similar scale announcements each month. 

LandEnhance, for example, is now building a head of steam, signing up a whole host of planning consultants and strategic developers. Plus we have a new product at the start of its build process... 


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