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Collette Nabyonga
October 17, 2017
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We all know that an essential step in any development process is finding the site owner's details to then contact them. We should all also know that this isn't always as simple as it seems, especially if you have to go through several companies to get to the actual owner.

So what's the answer? LandInsight's new Ultimate Owner feature.

What is the Ultimate Owner feature?

It is a significant enhancement to our existing ownership search feature as it allows you to save time and quickly access valuable information about both the ultimate owner of a site, and all the child companies (subsidiaries) associated with it.

The ultimate owner and child companies are displayed in a simple yet intuitive way for you to then further assess the full nationwide portfolio of any given company.

How does the feature work?

Our engineers have developed an algorithm that enables us to derive and visualise company tree information from the data available on Companies House. As it currently stands, you would have to conduct a vast number of searches to get the information needed, collate the information into a spreadsheet plus speak with a number of different people to complement your information. Even then, you are not able to gain the same level of ownership understanding that you gain with LandInsight's Ultimate Owner in seconds.

What does this mean for me?

If you find your time valuable and don't like wasting it, Ultimate Owner changes everything.

The Ultimate Owner feature is your key to unlocking a full understanding of who exactly a company is and where their interests are. If you're an agent thinking about, or already are, representing a company on one site you can quickly find their other sites and potentially represent them on those too. For developers, your value is through instant portfolio assessment. If you know a company is planning on divesting its interests, for example, finding out what else they own could quickly form into the discovery of several off-market opportunities from a motivated seller.

Keeping an eye out on your competition is of particular importance for anyone. Using this feature you can choose between a snapshot or a more in-depth view of where your competitors operate, what their plans are and quickly make more informed decisions about your next opportunity.

How do I access it?

We're glad you asked. For everyone on the unlimited plan, the Ultimate Owner feature is available through the ownership layer on the right and then the search panel on the left.

For those who are not on the unlimited plan, don’t worry as we are currently offering free trials for Ultimate Owner and other powerful tools. Contact us and we will give you immediate access.

You can reach our team on 0203 086 7855 or you can email us at info@landinsight.io.

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