What to expect from MIPIM 2023

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Shannon Lynn
February 3, 2023
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MIPIM (or “Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier” to those who like making life more difficult for themselves) is one of the biggest property events in the world – and for good reason.

In their own words:

“MIPIM, the premier real estate event, gathers the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry for four days of networking, learning and transaction through premium events, conferences and dedicated exhibition zones.”

But, when it comes to MIPIM, the numbers speak for themselves – over 20,000 participants gather from 80 countries (and potentially over 2,000 investors).

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for MIPIM 2023. 


What’s on at MIPIM 2023?

MIPIM always puts on a jam-packed schedule of talks, awards, and networking events. Oh, and parties. Lots of parties. 

And I’m here to talk you through what shouldn’t be missed at MIPIM 2023. 


Lots of keynotes. Seriously, there’s something for everyone. 

There are loads of great talks going on throughout the four days at MIPIM – and it’s well worth browsing the agenda ahead of time and blocking out your calendar for any talks you really want to go to. 

This year, there are six new stages hosting a mix of keynote presentations, workshops, and panels. Regardless of your interests and areas of expertise, you’re sure to pick up some useful insights. 

Professor Jeremy Rifkin, an economic and environmental thought leader will be delivering the opening keynote speech in the Grand Auditorium. 

Sustainability is a theme that runs throughout the keynotes, ranging from: 

  • Véronique Bédague – “What cities of the future will look like”
  • Christine Gamboa – “Realising the ‘S’ in ESG”
  • Valerie Vaughan-Dick – “Property’s responsibility on sustainability” 

If you’re mainly attending MIPIM to make new connections, going to talks can just seem like time you’re not spent networking. But planning your schedule wisely in advance means you can do both – and pick up some interesting talking points to wow new contacts. 



Road to Zero 

Sticking with the sustainability theme, MIPIM has added a new area – Road to Zero – specifically dedicated to decarbonisation and the road to net zero. 

They also have a dedicated programme of topics so you can listen to insights from industry experts – and chat with key ESG stakeholders to supercharge your sustainability strategy. 

Plus, you’ll get to feel good that you’re taking steps to become more environmentally-conscious.  

LandTech’s Golden Hour rooftop party

Saving the best for last, we’ll be hosting our very own MIPIM drinks reception – Golden Hour. And at a rooftop in Cannes no less. 

Our exclusive event will be the place to be with a sparkling champagne reception, tasty canapés, live entertainment, and a guest list filled with industry-leading professionals. 

What better way to spend an evening than raising a glass with connections old and new whilst basking in that sweet south of France sun (hopefully)?

You can find out more information about Golden Hour and register your interest here



Tips for attending MIPIM

Ok, so we’ve established there’s A LOT going on at MIPIM. Even if you’ve been attending for years, it can still be overwhelming at times. 

So, I put together some of my tips to help you get the most from the event.


1) Make a plan before you go (but not too much of a plan)

You’ll need a plan before you arrive at MIPIM – which talks you’ll go to, which events you’ll attend etc. Research early, and pre-book where you can.

But, that said, make sure you leave some flexibility. Booking up every minute of your time might feel like you’re making the most of it, but in reality, some of the best meetings you’ll have will come chatting to someone you just met and them saying “I’m just heading to a drinks thing, want to come along?”

Plus MIPIM is the perfect place to ‘accidentally’ bump into people you’ve been wanting to talk to for ages...


2) Cut costs on travel and accommodation

You’ll obviously save money by booking flights early, but if you need a last-minute ticket, my tip is to look into flying to Marseille and get the train to Cannes from there. Because there’s less of a surge of people, it tends to be cheaper, plus it’s a really simple (and enjoyable) journey.

For accommodation, look into staying in Antibes. It’s just a little further up the coast, but it can be a lot cheaper. There are great rail connections, but even if you miss the last train an Uber will only cost you around €20-30 – which is probably much less than you’ll be saving on the room.


3) Don’t be afraid to leave events

If you’re at an event and it’s not quite right for you – the talk isn’t what you expected, the attendees are mostly people that aren’t relevant to your business – you can simply leave.

Your time at MIPIM is precious. Make the most of every minute.


4) Check out the social networking too

MIPIM tends to have a fairly active social media presence.

Check out the #MIPIM on socials (LinkedIn and Twitter tend to be the main ones) and you can find out about events, see who else is going and plan out who to meet up with.

And don’t forget to post yourself and let people know you’re going. After all, you never know who might want to book a meeting with you.


5) Know your way around

Cannes is pretty easy to navigate. In fact, pretty much everything you’ll have to find will be at the main venue, or on the main coastal road.

But if you want the really important spots – like the best place for a Guinness, and the location of the McDonald’s which you promise yourself you won’t go to but definitely will be grateful for the morning after the night before – download our handy guide.



6) Cannes can be expensive. But it pays to shop around...

OK, yes, MIPIM (and Cannes generally) is expensive. But you can save some money by shopping smart.

An espresso in a central café may be €12, but you can get much better deals if you go a bit further out. 

So go slightly off the beaten track and you can save a small fortune.

Most people tend to head east to the main coastal path, so you can beat the crowds by heading west of the marina. The shops and cafes tend to be less busy, often cheaper, and best of all they get the sun all morning – perfect to start your day off right.


7) Don’t book morning meetings

You’ve got a perfect breakfast spot, but you should probably avoid booking any morning meetings.

You’ll have the best of intentions. You’ll want to make the most of your time in MIPIM. But early morning meetings will almost definitely get cancelled.

10 o’clock is the absolute earliest you should suggest (unless it’s a properly organised breakfast).


So, coming to MIPIM?

If you are coming along to MIPIM, make sure you’ve got a good lay of the land by downloading our handy map and guide. It'll give you the real insights you need.

Download the LandTech MIPIM guide here.


Not going to MIPIM this year?

Not going to MIPIM doesn’t have to mean missing out. In fact, you’ve got an extra week in the office to steal a march on the competition.

Find out which of your contacts aren’t going and make a point of meeting up with them.

And if you’re after an event to go to, there are a lot much closer to home (we made a list of some of our favourite property events here).

Plan your week, and you might find your business (and wallet) are well ahead of the competition when they get back.