What's new in LandInsight? April 2024

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Warren DeLay
May 3, 2024
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April has been a standout month at LandTech, filled with the introduction of several innovative features and updates that we're eager to share with you.

Have you explored the new utility data feature in LandInsight yet?

In case you missed our mention in March's update blog, don't worry—it's crucial for property developers, and that's why we're highlighting it again.

We're excited to let you know that LandTech now offers seamless access to premium utility data provided by AtkinsRéalis, directly within our platform. This integration allows users to view utility data on the LandInsight map, enhancing their understanding of utility placements relative to their sites. Additionally, every requested site comes with a detailed utility report from AtkinsRéalis, based on their comprehensive utility searches.

Key Benefits for Property Developers:

  • Strategic planning for utility integration into sites
  • Early identification of potential constraints during the architectural design phase
  • Increased accuracy in planning for construction teams, reducing the risk of unintended damage
  • Capability to overlay utility data on maps for a thorough visual analysis in mere minutes

For more information click here.


Better visualise your land opportunities in LandInsight

LandInsight offers a variety of map layers that are crucial in effectively assessing land opportunities. Opting for a simpler map can sometimes make critical data more visible.

We've recently launched a new basemap bar that lets users toggle between different map types and details, optimising it for the task at hand. This tool is readily accessible at the top center of the LandInsight map view. Why not try it out today?


Transforming commercial sites into residential developments with ease

Our newly introduced Site Sourcing tool in LandInsight has been designed to help property professionals efficiently locate potential development sites using specific search criteria. This tool has already proven beneficial in helping many of our clients secure their next development projects.

We've now enhanced the tool with additional details in our use class filter, allowing for more targeted searches—such as identifying potential residential conversion opportunities in pubs or car parks.


Navigating planning approvals with enhanced insight into local councils

Securing planning approvals is becoming increasingly challenging. Understanding the local council's planning strategies is key to overcoming these hurdles.

We've enriched our Local Planning Authority Panel with new filters to aid in this understanding, such as local plan age, housing supply data, and housing delivery test statuses. These tools, combined with a visualisation of each council's Presumption in Favour status, equips developers with vital information to enhance their planning strategy effectiveness.


Major performance upgrades have arrived in LandInsight

With so many fantastic new datasets and features coming to LandInsight (this year alone has seen the introduction of enhanced datasets for the site sourcing tool, more data for the local planning authority panel and the introduction of biodiversity/Scottish ownership data) we wanted to make sure that LandInsight is performing as fast as you need it to.

That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure LandInsight works as quickly as you need it too, even with all the additional datasets and features.an

We’d love to get into more technical detail about the work we’ve done (and you’re welcome to get in touch so we can tell you all about it) but for now, all you need to know is that data layers are now loaded onto the map 15 times faster, and that memory consumption is now 3x more efficient!

Enjoy finding your next site even more quickly!