The hero

The Hyde Group is a housing association providing affordable housing across London and the South East. It was founded in 1967 and owns and manages almost 48,000 homes.

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So what's changed?

Hyde wanted more certainty when planning refurbishment of homes (such as replacing doors and windows) and when it was looking at potential development sites. This is crucial in conservation areas, where not following planning rules on refurbishments, and on building new homes, can have serious consequences. Hyde also wanted to save the amount of time it was spending carrying out these checks.

How LandInsight's helped

Planning Layer

Ann and her colleagues used to spend hours trawling through council websites to check planning restrictions in order to minimise risks. Even then, it was sometimes difficult to find accurate and up-to-date information.

Now the Planning Layer on LandInsight provides this information in minutes with a few clicks. Hyde has reported an average of 80% time saving with this layer alone.


Managing a portfolio of about 48,000 homes is a challenge, particularly when keeping track of the ownership status of all Hyde’s homes and sites.

LandInsight's ownership layer makes this process much more efficient and helps Hyde to plan refurbishment works up to a year in advance.

Sites Pipeline

This is a great tool when Hyde is dealing with contractors, allowing it to get a sense of the amount and type of work that may be on the horizon.

The impact

Hyde only began using LandInsight in 2021. But even in this short space of time it’s had a big impact. LandInsight has helped Ann and her colleagues save lots of time by simplifying workflows, enabling them to focus more on providing safe and sustainable homes that so many people need.

And you can enjoy these benefits too.