About JLL

With a particular focus on innovation and sustainability, JLL provides support for future planning in real estate in all aspects, across all sectors, on a global scale.

83% of populations live in an urban environment, and JLL is looking at the changes we can make around green and blue infrastructure, transport, neighbourhood design and more, to influence the journey ahead.

 They’ve partnered with LandTech to increase their property and planning insights that will help them develop the future into a place in which all of us can thrive.

What challenges were they facing?

  • Struggling to bring a wide breadth of raw property information from different sources into one cohesive space
  • JLL’s customers want to achieve a lot in a short period of time, so they needed to work more quickly and efficiently with data to enable their customers to hit targets
  • Other PropTech solutions did not provide ease of use that they have found in LandTech’s products
  • JLL look towards the future and are constantly evolving; a trait they share with LandTech
  • Looking for a piece of tech to leverage as a growth mechanism for different departments, various job roles, across borders

How did LandTech help solve the challenge?

LandTech’s aggregation of a wide range of data, ease of use and thought leadership aligns perfectly with JLL’s needs. Both businesses look to the future, using data to help build better places.

JLL’s team have particularly benefited from map-based tool LandInsight, which allows them to collect and visualise a vast range of planning and policy data in one place. While working with local governments in Birmingham and other major UK cities, this data helps them develop rich reports informing what could become of those regions in the future.

Finally, as a global industry leader, JLL is known for their thought leadership in the fields of sustainability and innovation, and so are we. We provide an enriching customer experience to JLL by providing data-rich content, resources and webinars, about the future of land use.

LandTech’s product is perfect for multidisciplinary teams like ours. Land brokerage requires planning, ownership, lease and pricing data; all of which can be found easily in LandInsight. The depth of information we now have access to in one place allows us to go the extra mile for our clients, helping improve our data gathering and report writing. It helps us shape the vision for the future, and we save so much time doing that with LandTech.

William Cox, Director
Living Capital Markets

What does the future look like?

JLL is laser focused on gathering, interpreting and capitalising on information regarding sustainability and planning. They’ll be looking to make use of our updated Planning Policy layer in LandInsight, providing improved visibility of significant constraints and land availability assessments (SHLAA data) used to inform future planning in urban areas, as well as tapping into our thought leading research around nutrient neutrality, sustainable development and innovation in the property sector.

We look forward to our combined success with JLL in the future and hope that the next time you explore the urban environment around you, that you too will be inspired by what the future holds.

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