Planning research. Simplified.

Enable the creation of better buildings and places, by leveraging technology to provide greater access to information. Speed up planning research, deliver informed decisions and maximise your success.
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Accelerate your research

  • Quickly search through; planning applications, appeals and policy documents
  • Filter by decision, location, type and age
  • Cut your appraisal time from 1 hour to 5 minutes
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Generate more business

  • Make informed decisions, with information on demand
  • Unearth limitless opportunities by accessing national datasets
  • Reduce the turn-around time and impress clients to win more business
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A standardised approach

  • Visualise adopted and emerging policies on a digital interactive map
  • Access current and historic planning applications from 343 Local Planning Authorities in one place
  • Keyword search through millions of planning and appeal documents
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Additional features


Unlimited planning application searches

Both current and historic


Advanced policy maps

Containing both adopted and emerging policies



So you see what’s contested, and the final result


Application document searches

Fully-digitised records, searchable on your key terms


Industry-leading security

Protect your clients’ data more securely than ever with ISO 27001-certified security

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Enhance your results with the data you trust


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Landenhance FAQs

  • Which regions does LandEnhance cover?

    LandEnhance gives you access to data from across England, so you can really grow the borders of your business.

  • How do I subscribe, and what are the costs?

    The great news is we can get you set up with a week’s free trial. From there we can work out what you need and put a plan together. Simply have a chat with our LandBot at the button below and he’ll book you a time to get set up.

  • What support can I expect?

    As part of that initial chat, we’ll work out what you’re after, and how we can help you achieve it. We’ll get you trained up and ready to go, then we’ll be on hand during office hours any time you need us.

  • I'm a developer – is LandEnhance right for me?

    LandEnhance was specifically designed from the ground up to be for planners.

    At this stage we'd recommend that developers sign up for LandInsight instead. This will give you a lot of the same information and functionality as LandEnhance, but with a focus on what really matters to you as a developer.

    As we add more features that may change – but until then focus on the tech that can really help your results skyrocket.

    Check out LandInsight now.

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