Development finance. Simplified.

It's time developers had a simple way to supercharge their development appraisal and bridge the gap between themselves and lenders.

That's exactly why we've built LandFund.

You can create development appraisals quickly, working from your own custom templates.

Assess the profitability of your site, view residual land values, conduct sensitivity analysis, create instant cashflows and build industry leading reports.

Oh, and it's free.

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Key benefits

Complete appraisals and assess financial viability faster

Create financial appraisals quickly, providing insight into key metrics including profit, residual land values, build cost, sensitivity analysis and cashflow.

Generate appraisal reports to support your applications

Build instant reports combining LandFund and LandInsight data, that break down your appraisal into a format that is easy for lenders to understand, and presents your site in the best way possible.

Access appraisals anytime, anywhere

Use the cloud-based application to securely access and update your appraisals, or generate reports from wherever your job takes you.

And we're just getting started

There are more features coming to help you and your team create and collaborate on cloud-based appraisals, giving you detailed insights, unrivalled reporting, and the most competitive financing options.

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