Site sourcing. Simplified.

Find and assess off-market opportunities faster with an award-winning platform. Less time spent on legwork means more time to close deals.

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Streamline your site sourcing

Find off-market sites – faster

Off-market sites have less competition – meaning lower prices and better margins. Set search parameters, like location, size and use class, then spin up a list of potential deals ready to be made.

Contact site owners before the competition can

See details for owners, occupants, leaseholders and anyone else you might need to talk to. Automatically identify the ultimate owner, see the relationship between parent and subsidiaries, and engage with the right people.

Assess development opportunities in minutes

Instant knowledge of building details – dimensions, height etc. – for your site and neighbouring buildings. See the risks, but also assess the opportunities.

Cut your risk and unlock
planning potential

Check policy constraints and see red flags early on

See important restrictions – like flood zones or conservation areas – right off the bat. Then take a deeper look into site-specific information – like if the site or a nearby one has previously been refused planning permission.

Target motivated sellers and easy conversions

Maybe they’ve been rejected for planning permission. Or maybe there’s been a local change that might make them more willing (like permission for a school right opposite the site). Know the situation, and how best to approach.

Get proactive alerts about planning applications in areas you care about

Never miss an application, and save countless hours of manual checking. See opportunities, threats, and simply what the competition are up to (and how it could impact you).

LandInsight has saved me 75-80% of time looking at planning portals and going on archaic local authorities' websites. I use it everyday to work out off-market opportunities.
Montagu Evans – Chris Kerrison
Investment Surveyor

Make sure the numbers stack up

Forecast sale prices with instant comparable reports

Use local sold price data to know what a site is worth before you pay for it – and what it could be worth once you’re finished. Search in a radius, or hand draw an area for the exact results you need for accurate estimates.

Spot high-margin opportunities with the heatmap

If you’re after a deal, rather than a specific type of site, use the £ per sqft heatmap to find outliers others might have missed and assess their potential. It could mean a big payday in your future.

Export the data you need

Whether downloading customisable site reports, or exporting spreadsheets of contact details – get the information that matters to you, in an easy-to-use format. Then put it to good use.

Keep your private data secure

Get industry-leading security

We’re the only site-sourcing platform in the UK to meet the rigorous ISO 27001 certification for information security. That’s the kind of standard even Google and Amazon brag about achieving.

Stay up to date

Our cloud-based software means your account is always updated with the latest usability and security tweaks. No downloads, no waiting around. Just effortless site sourcing.

Secure access, wherever you are

And because it’s cloud-based you can log in wherever you have an internet connection. Whether on laptop or mobile, at home, at the office or on the move, you can access your information easily and securely.

This comprehensive tool contributes to the efficient running of our team, freeing up time and allowing us to focus on providing the best in class market intelligence to our clients.
Savills — Andrew Cox
Development Director

Succeed in what you do

Get trained – at no extra cost

With an entire Customer Success team backing you every step of the way, you get the support you need to be up and running in no time – and delivering results.

Chat online and in-person

You can talk to our in-house team whenever you have a question (and by ‘in-house’ we mean they sit literally 20ft from the people building the platform). Then we have regular events and opportunities to say hi and learn from them in person.

Industry-redefining tech


Sites saved


Land Registry documents bought


Planning alerts sent

The insights you need, from the data you trust

And many more.

Get what you need on the GO

Use the LandInsight GO mobile app to save sites you see, organise pictures, and simplify assessment wherever you are.

Plans for any developer

Whether you’re looking for your first site or you’re building thousands of properties a year, there’s a plan that’s just right for you.


£ 45 per month

£540 billed annually
648 incl. VAT)

(£60 incl. VAT)

Get started on your first property deal – find the right site at the right price and set yourself up for success.


  • 100 Ownership Lookups

  • 25 Planning Application Views

  • 25 MasterMap™ Views

  • Property Information

  • Lite Site Insight

  • Comparables

  • LandInsight GO


£ 135 per month

£ 1,6200 billed annually
1,944 incl. VAT)

(£180 incl. VAT)

Scale up your business – source and assess more sites, and even build a pipeline of opportunities.


  • 300 Ownership Lookups

  • Unlimited Planning Application Views

  • 100 MasterMap™ Views

  • Property Information

  • Lite Site Insight

  • Comparables

  • LandInsight GO


Get in touch

We'll set you up with a plan that's just right for you

Grow faster – access a steady stream of sites, with proactive systems so that opportunities find you.


  • Unlimited Ownership Lookups

  • Unlimited Planning Application Views

  • Custom MasterMap™ Views

  • Detailed Property Search

  • Advanced Site Insight

  • Comparables and £/sqft

  • LandInsight GO

  • Planning Search

  • Ownership Search

  • Export Owner Contacts

  • Export Comparables Report

  • Ultimate Owner

  • Planning Policy Layer

  • Proactive Planning Alerts

  • Unlimited Custom Reports

Integrate our API data with your own systems

API Documentation

LandInsight FAQs

Your LandInsight account covers England and Wales, so you can push the borders of your business even further.

Property development is tough. We get that. That’s why instead of adding to your workload, we’re streamlining it.

We collect the data you know and trust into one place, then add our own special something to automate tasks to cut the mundane (and time-consuming) admin. That means tasks that used to take hours now take minutes. Even seconds.

Can you afford not to try LandInsight out?

Incredibly easy.

Most people get up and running on their own in no time at all (in fact “ease of use” is one of the top things people recommend us for).

And on top of that, we have an entire Customer Success team dedicated to helping you, well, succeed.

They offer classes at our HQ and with live chat to answer questions. And for the top plans, they can even arrange personalised onboarding and training to really ramp up your results.


Your account fee covers all the functionality you need to get the results you deserve – including support from our Customer Success team.

The only other expenses are when you choose to add credits for external costs – like buying Land Registry documents through your account (did you know we’re the third biggest seller of Land Registry documents in the UK?).

We pass these on at cost – you pay the same through us as you would if you bought directly (but it’s much easier than flitting between two sites).

For any of these costs, you can choose to add credits – so you’ll always be in control of how much you spend.

Most people pay annually to save money. Some pay monthly to stay flexible.

If you need something different, talk to us and we can try to work out a plan that’s just right for you.

Are you ready?

Trying to decide whether your business is ready for LandInsight? Got internal stakeholders that you need to convince?

We’ve put together a guide outlining the big benefits LandInsight brings to you business.

Take a look

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