Developers can now upload their sites found with 3rd party GIS systems into LandInsight

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Aaron Carr
June 17, 2024
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As much as we don’t like to admit it here at LandTech, not all property developers have always used LandInsight to identify the sites that they’d like to develop. Many developers will have started out using a more agnostic GIS (Geographic Information System) like Google Earth for example, to scan locations for sites which could be viable.

What challenges does using a GIS system provide for property developers?

While using a GIS can work at a basic level to identify a site that looks interesting, it obviously doesn’t come with all of the site assessment tools and data sets required to properly make an assessment on whether a site is viable or not.

Using a GIS, wouldn’t help developers identify a site’s ownership, look at what the planning details are, ascertain whether there is sufficient power infrastructure, or build a better picture of the local community. This would all need to be done by manually trawling through various different data sources in disparate locations.

Property developers who acknowledge these limitations, will also be left with the issue of how to manage the sites identified in their respective GIS system once they start to transition over to a fully-fledged proptech platform like LandInsight.

How does LandInsight provide a solution to property developers using GIS systems?

As well as providing all of the datasets that a developer needs to assess a site’s viability in a centralised platform, LandInisight can now assimilate any sites that have been identified in a GIS.

We’ve developed functionality which allows LandInsight users to quickly import large numbers of saved sites from external systems into LI with accuracy and speed, so that they can then complete site assessments using the LandInsight data sets. It’s also very helpful for customers looking to move from competitor site sourcing platforms such as SearchLand.

How can developers start importing their sites from GIS platforms into LandInsight?

It’s really simple. All a developer has to do is download a KML or SHP file from their chosen GIS system, and then hit the ‘Upload Sites’ button in the LandInsight Sites Pipeline.

Watch the video below for a short demonstration of just how easy it is.

When can I get started with GIS imports into LandInsight?

The new ‘Upload Sites’ feature will be available to LandInsight Unlimited customers from the 19th June.