Build a better picture of a local area with the new demographics layer in LandInsight

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Calum Shepherd
June 13, 2024
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When evaluating a site's potential, it's crucial for property developers to thoroughly understand the local area they're considering developing within. This knowledge can often determine whether a site will be suitable for the local demographic, and whether it will provide you with a suitable return. 

LandInsight has been a reliable partner to you for insight into ownership information, planned developments, and countless other considerations. Now, you can add local demographics data to that list too.

What new demographic insights are available through LandInsight?

You can now access an all new demographics layer in LandInsight, where developers will be able to visualise demographic insights as a heatmap, or delve further and select from countless ‘output areas’ to find out more. Output areas are areas on the map you can use to understand more about the local population. 

The demographics insights that you will be able to access through us include;

  • Age 
  • Income
  • Affordability
  • Population density
  • Population growth
  • Deprivation
  • Occupation
  • Employment
  • Household size
  • Housing age bands
  • Dwellings per hectare
  • Tenure

…and many more. 

How can demographics help you?

The following are just some of the many ways you can take advantage of demographics:

  • Identify demand in an area

See population change, age distribution, and household size to understand potential need for new homes within an area of interest

  • Target suitable areas

Find areas suitable for specific types of planned development, such as affordable housing, family homes or others

  • Refine consultations
    In future use demographics to tailor messaging and reach specific demographics when going consulting on potential new developments as part of the planning process

Can demographics be used in tandem with other insights?

Yes! When using the site sourcing tool, demographics can be used in partnership with an array of other considerations (e.g. ownership type, parcel size, availability assessments and more) to build a better picture of viable sites in a developer’s selected area.

What else? LandInsight’s demographics insights are also great when combined with the newly introduced amenities layer. The amenities layer provides a visual representation on the map of where local shops, educational institutions, public travel links and healthcare facilities are located. 

When combined, these insights can help you spot more relevant opportunities. For example; if you are a developer looking for potential sites in a) areas with older demographics b) with quick access to local shops, then this might prove excellent for elderly living.  

How can LandInsight users get started with demographics in LandInsight?

Demographics data in LandInsight will be available to all Unlimited users from TBC.

To help you understand the functionality better we’ve put together a new help topic, and also a handy explainer video which you can see here.