Introducing the LandTech Community – Your digital deal-sourcing companion

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Shannon Lynn
June 6, 2023
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Welcome to Community – your go-to companion for insights, deal sourcing, and networking. 

Whether you’re using the mobile app to connect with contacts on the go, or joining one of our regional groups to keep up to date with local news and planning updates, Community is brand-building at your fingertips. 

And in an industry where reputation is everything, Community is vital to cement your authority and get your name in front of key industry players. 

“Community plays a pivotal role in the LandTech Ecosystem for our customers. The ability to connect with members and collaborate on LandDeals has provided a new point of access to off-market opportunities.

Social cohesion and networking are essential aspects of growth in our industry and Community provides a positive environment for conversation to flourish - spam free. The Community platform provides a collective voice for property professionals to influence policymakers with their combined experiences.” – Chris Tremlett, Community Engagement Lead at LandTech

Welcome to the LandTech Ecosystem

As well as helping developers find better, off-market development opportunities, the LandTech ecosystem can also help to get your projects funded, as well as providing significant competitive advantage through leading industry insight.

Find & Assess Land

Source sites faster. Source better sites. Secure better margins. Find sites that others can’t. Manage and track sites across teams. And achieve it all while staying ahead of the competition.

Manage Mobile Teams

Our mobile app for Apple and Android devices, and the perfect companion for logging and managing prospective sites when you’re out and about. It’s not just a scaled-down version of LandInsight but is tailor-made for property professionals on the go. 

Learn about LandInsight

Get Projects Funded

Spend less time finding the right lender, increase your chances of higher profits and react faster than your competitors. LandFund is our all-new consultancy service designed to make funding any size project simpler.

Create Appraisals

Quickly and easily find out whether sites are financially viable. Create detailed, yet simple to understand appraisal documents using data sent directly from LandInsight.

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Share Listings

Access regional data and heatmaps, network with peers, influence the LandTech development roadmap, gain CPD accreditation through our training tools, access thought leadership content and register for our events - all from within a single platform.

Grow Your Network

Advertise and collaborate on active opportunities within a closed network of trusted professionals and secure a new project without leaving the platform.

Learn about Community

What challenges does the LandTech Community solve for property professionals? 

Networking with industry peers is an important way to build useful connections, learn about the property world, and collaborate on projects. 

Before we launched the LandTech Community, it was difficult to build these quality relationships and easily seek out new business connections. 

The Community is a space for our vetted and verified members to engage with each other – and share any land listings in an environment they can trust. 


The benefits of LandTech Community

  • Collaborate on off-market peer-to-peer deals – our LandDeals platform shows you other members’ land opportunities and requirements
  • Browse our Members Directory – search and filter for specific expertise or role types in the area you want to operate in
  • Access cutting-edge insightsthe Content Hub is your go-to resource for planning updates, data stories, and on-demand webinars
  • Vote on new product features – hear about new product updates first, vote for your top features on the product roadmap, and provide feedback directly to the team
  • Sign up for exclusive events – from intimate in-person networking events to webinar discussions with industry-leading experts
  • Gain CPD accreditations – through our CPD accredited LandTech Learn courses you can learn more about the industry and our product ecosystem.

Every aspect of the Community platform is geared towards building your reputation and industry knowledge – so that when you come to source sites or get funding (through the LandTech ecosystem of course), you’ll already be a respected name in the game. 

You can use LandInsight to further assess any sites you see listed in LandDeals. And if you like what you see, you can use LandFund to build out a data-backed appraisal. Plus, use our in-house brokerage service to secure funding.

How to get started with the LandTech Community

If you’re already a LandInsight Unlimited user, great news – you can log in and activate your Community account today. Simply, click the button below. 

Or if you’re not yet a LandInsight Unlimited customer, you can learn more about the Community by clicking the button below and filling out a short application form.

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