LandTech acquires Built-ID, helping to accelerate planning approvals by harnessing the view of communities

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Harry Quartermain
January 19, 2024
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In a strategic move signalling a commitment to innovation, we’re proud to announce the successful acquisition of Built-ID, the innovators behind the revolutionary community engagement platform, Give My View. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a pivotal moment for LandTech, strengthening our position as a key player in the plantech landscape and reinforcing our dedication to shaping the future of property development.

The community-centric approach

The acquisition of Built-ID aligns with the growing emphasis, at all levels of government, on quality community engagement in the planning process. Michael Gove's December speech underscored the government's commitment to placing neighbourhoods at the forefront of place-making, and recognising the pivotal role community engagement plays in the success of planning initiatives.

As the development industry prepares for potential governmental changes later this year, the need to rebuild public trust in the whole process takes centre stage. The move to integrate Give My View into the LandTech ecosystem positions us at the forefront of this movement, allowing our customers to access more comprehensive, inclusive, and data-driven community engagement.

LandTech's CEO and co-founder, Jonny Britton, emphasises the significance of this acquisition, stating, "Built-ID emerged as the best contender in terms of user interface, user experience, and client feedback. Community respondents provided up to ten times as much data compared to competitor platforms, showcasing the effectiveness of Give My View."


Unlocking the power of community engagement

Give My View gets great results due to its use of behavioural psychology and digital engagement to facilitate community feedback. The platform increases diversity and completion rates for community consultations, while addressing the crucial need for local sentiment to guide development projects from their inception.

Through this acquisition, LandTech customers will gain access to Give My View's community engagement services, enabling them to secure planning permission more efficiently by actively involving local communities in the development process.

The integration of LandTech's site sourcing and appraisal software with Built-ID's community engagement solution creates a powerful synergy, offering property professionals a comprehensive toolkit to succeed in the evolving development industry.


Toward a stronger future: redefining industry standards

Built-ID's expertise in community engagement supplements our commitment to providing relevant data for development projects. This collaboration empowers developers and local authorities to make informed decisions, while fostering stronger relationships with communities from the outset.

“Engaging local citizens is an essential weapon in our armoury when it comes to aligning planning applications, local communities and developers," said Britton. The collaborative effort is geared towards supporting not only councils in formulating robust local plans and policies, but also residential and commercial property developers, ensuring democratic input and providing certainty for proposed developments.

The integration of Built-ID's innovative technology enhances LandTech's digital ecosystem, providing users with a comprehensive platform to discover opportunities efficiently. By joining forces, we aim to redefine industry standards, lead proptech innovation, and address the evolving challenges in development through the evolution of new data analytics solutions.

In this exciting phase of growth and collaboration, we are set to pioneer the next evolution in the development industry, setting a benchmark for excellence, inclusivity, and sustainability. As the industry undergoes transformative changes, this strategic acquisition positions LandTech at the forefront of driving innovation and shaping the future of property development and placemaking.

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