Unlock even more efficiency with LandTech’s latest integrated letter sending update

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Warren DeLay
January 18, 2024
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If you're not already familiar with it, LandInsight's integrated letter sending functionality is a game-changer for property developers. This feature isn't just about sending letters; it's a comprehensive tool designed to enhance efficiency and save valuable time and resources throughout the land acquisition process.

Top four benefits of LandTech's integrated letter sending

Below, we’ll break down the top benefits of LandTech’s integrated letter sending tool, including how to save on time and resources when it comes to bulk letter sending to landowners.

Create compelling letters in bulk

It’s one thing to create compelling letters to stand out from the competition, but it’s another to do so when you want to send more than a handful of letters. With LandInsight's user-friendly creator tool, developers can effortlessly craft letters that not only convey their message effectively, but also capture the attention of landowners by adding images of the site in question, as well as their own company logo. The simplicity of the tool ensures that even without extensive design skills, developers can produce professional letters to help open new opportunities.

Cut out the courier

Gone are the days of manual trips to the post office or reliance on traditional courier services. Our integrated letter sending functionality allows developers to arrange letters to be sent directly from LandInsight. This not only eliminates the need for physical handling, but also accelerates the entire communication process. Saving time isn’t just a convenience - it can be a strategic advantage in the competitive landscape of property development.

Enhanced security with accredited partners

Security is paramount when it comes to mass communication, especially in the realm of property development. With LandInsight's integrated letter sending, developers can rest assured that their information is in safe hands. LandInsight collaborates with SOC2 accredited mail partners, ensuring a high level of security and compliance. This added layer of assurance is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of crucial communication with landowners.

Seamless progress tracking and collaboration

When it comes to building your pipeline, letter sending is a crucial step - but so is ensuring you have proper tracking and collaboration on the progression of your efforts. LandInsight goes beyond traditional letter-sending tools by integrating this functionality into our comprehensive site pipeline management tool.

Developers can keep tabs on the progress of their letters and share updates with colleagues, ensuring that everyone involved in the project is on the same page, leading to more informed decision-making and streamlined workflows.

What's new with letter sending?

Our integrated letter sending solution is a robust tool that many of our customers are already using to streamline their workflows. And now, we’re excited to tell you about some new enhancements we’re making to the tool, which will make it even easier and faster to create up to 100 individual letters in a single sitting.

We’ve now introduced a new way to cleanse and update all of the addresses of the recipients that you want to send letters to; and all from a single environment. It’s all designed to empower developers at every stage of the land acquisition process to ensure they're as efficient and collaborative as possible.

How does the new letter sending functionality work?

Below, we’ll take you step by step on how the new letter sending functionality works: 

Step 1: From within LandInsight’s integrated site pipeline tool, a user selects the stage containing the sites they want to send letters to and selects “Create Letters”.

Step 2: A new environment will then be opened containing all available address information for recipients. Any missing information will be highlighted, and the user will be asked to add the missing information before continuing.

Step 3: The user will then be able to edit the letter template in the usual way (if required), adjusting elements like company logo and content.

Step 4: The letters will then be available for preview and sending, including a breakdown of the cost for doing so

How is the letter sending feature already helping our customers?

“The new bulk letter sending feature is excellent and saves me and my team a lot of time. I am managing a large workflow of target areas for a client and being able to process and send letters in bulk, rather than individually, means we can progress through the workflow a lot quicker and ultimately present our opportunity to more landowners, quicker. It's also very simple and easy to use”.

Ed Daniell - Founder/Director, ruralspace


Ready to get started with the new letter sending feature?

If you’re a developer, agent or any other type of property professional, then letter sending with LandTech is an efficient way to start streamlining your in-house processes. 

If you’re on the LandTech Unlimited plan, then you already have access to our letter sending functionality. To get started, open a support chat in-app or contact your customer success manager for a demo.

If you’re new to LandTech and would like to learn more, simply click the button below where we’ll collect a few details from you, and be in touch with you shortly after.

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