Signed, Sealed & Delivered with LandTech: introducing Letter Sending

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Elizabeth Gasperotti
July 5, 2023
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Congratulations! You found the land parcel of your dreams. Time to close LandInsight and write a letter to the landowner, manually print it, warm up the car and drive to the post office to send it some days later...

Not anymore.

We’re introducing the much anticipated Letter Sending feature for LandTech Unlimited customers, so you can sign, seal and deliver letters right from inside your LandTech login. 

You’ll be able to take a prospective parcel of land all the way from saving a site, through the assessment pipeline, to formalising your negotiations with landowners - all in one workflow. 


Let’s take a look.



What challenges are solved with our letter sending feature?

At LandTech, we’re data specialists, property insiders and workflow wizards, and we bring all our expertise together to continuously innovate towards an end-to-end solution for property professionals. Within that, letter sending has its own unique place and purpose, answering to some of the key challenges faced during the land assessment and acquisitions process.


“I have too many different resources to prepare and track letters.”

If you’re finding yourself flicking between different data sources to document creator tools, we’re here to help.

  • Land Registry data found in LandInsight helps you identify landowners quickly.
  • Our letter sending feature replaces the need for Word, Pages and other document creation tools.
  • Our sites pipeline replaces the need for Excel, Numbers, Sheets and other spreadsheet tools used to monitor the progress of your landowner outreach and property pipeline.


“It takes too long to write and send letters in bulk.”

If writing and sending many letters at once is taking up too much time that could be better spent elsewhere, we’ve got the answer.

  • Merge tags, branding and templates significantly speeds up your letter writing process. 
  • Prepare a template and select your sites of interest to automatically generate a bulk list of landowners to write to.
  • Send letters in bulk through our 3rd party delivery partner at a click. 


“It’s hard to manage my workflow and I often lose track of the letters I’ve sent.”

If you’re overloaded with disjointed spreadsheets and struggling to monitor team activity cohesively, here’s the solution.

  • Letters sent will appear on your site card for land parcels you’ve saved.
  • Use your sites pipeline to move saved parcels into the ‘Letters Sent’ column.
  • Team members can see pipeline updates in real-time, whether at the desk or using the LandInsightGO mobile app.



Please note: not all capabilities of the feature are available at launch. Speak to our team about the feature roadmap to learn more.


How can users benefit from sending letters with LandInsight?

So, we’re solving challenges, we’re sending letters, we’re working productively and staying on track of our communications and outreach. Let’s recap on the key benefits of the feature and how they benefit you.

  • Create letters that pop. Automate your letter writing with merge fields, signatures and branding, or work from a template. Or, if you’d prefer, you can always download and print your letters to sign and send yourself.
  • Save time organising couriers and taking trips to the post office. Instead, send physical letters from your desk, in bulk, with LandInsight.
  • Deliver letters securely through our 3rd party, SOC2 certified mail service.
  • Monitor letters sent and manage your sites pipeline through easy collaboration with all your colleagues.
  • Benefit from integration with wider LandTech Ecosystem, which allows you to take a site from prospecting, through finance and onto our LandDeals marketplace.



How can you get started sending letters with LandTech?

Any agents, developers and other property professionals who want to streamline their acquisitions process and consolidate their letter sending with LandTech can benefit from this great new feature.


Existing LandTech customers

If you’re an existing LandTech user on our Unlimited plan - great news! You already have access to letter sending. If you’d like a tutorial on how to get started, simply open a support chat or ask your Customer Success Manager for a demonstration.


New LandTech customers

If you’re new to LandTech, we’d love to chat with you to understand your challenges more and how we can help you, so click here to book a demo with one of our friendly team members to get started.


Find out more in our on-demand webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar for a detailed look at how the Letter Sending feature works and the challenges that it helps to solve. 

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