What's new in LandInsight? February 2024

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Warren DeLay
February 29, 2024
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February's been a really busy month for us at LandTech, and we want to keep you in the know about what's new with our products. So, let's dive into all the exciting updates we've added to LandInsight just this past month. 

Exciting new layer in LandInsight to support the new Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) law.

Yep, we've added a spanking new layer dedicated just to BNG. This is going to be a game-changer because it:

  • Shows you where those super important or irreplaceable habitats are on your site. This could make or break your development plans, especially if it means navigating through complex negotiations or finding bespoke compensation solutions.

  • Helps you zoom in on places that are just right for meeting those BNG requirements.

So, keep your eyes wide open for when we launch this feature. It's going to make your data toolkit even mightier.


Powering Up Your Data Like Never Before

For all you power data lovers, we've got something special. Now, you can mash up power infrastructure with other electricity-focused layers in the 'power' bundle. Just select the Power Infrastructure option from the dropdown menu and start layering your data like a pro.

Plus, we've added a shiny new power tab in the site card, and yes, you can download this info in your site reports too. Talk about understanding the power landscape around your sites!

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 14.53.58

The Site Sourcing Tool Just Got a Major Upgrade

If you haven't taken our Site Sourcing tool for a spin yet, what are you waiting for? It's right there, with the magnifying glass icon on the left in LandInsight. A few clicks and you're on your way to discovering sites that tick all your boxes, and quickly too!

And guess what? We've just supercharged the tool with even more features to help you snag those sites before anyone else even knows they're there.

You can now set your search area by:

  • Choosing a defined radius
  • Drawing a custom polygon
  • Selecting a council boundary

And to make your search even sharper, we've added new filters like:

  • Agricultural Land Classification – because the quality of the land matters
  • Declassified green belt filter – check it out under additional opportunities
  • Use class – know what you can build and where
  • Regeneration zones, both emerging and adopted – get ahead of the curve

Stay tuned for more updates as we keep making LandInsight better for you!

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