Future vision of LandTech: Celebrating LandTech's 10-year anniversary

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Andrea Duke
February 12, 2024
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We’ve looked back on LandTech’s beginnings and how we’ve built a robust suite of innovative solutions, but in this blog, we want to share what the future holds for LandTech.

In the final instalment of our blog series celebrating LandTech’s 10 year anniversary, we take a closer look at what our mission for the future looks like and stop to thank those who got us to where we are. First, we’ll take a look at LandTech’s three goals for the future, and how they’ll positively impact the market. 

Reshaping the perception of the land market

Firstly, we want to talk about the perception of the land market. Our vision is poised to revolutionise the way people perceive the land market. We want to shift away from the conventional norms that land is just a mere physical space - we believe it’s a lot more than that. We want the land market to be seen for its dynamic nature, one that significantly influences the way we all live. 

To make our vision a reality, we aim to empower people with robust data to have a deeper understanding of the land market, so they can better engage with shaping the communities they live in.

We are driving this forward with our recent acquisition of the community engagement tool, Give My View. Through this acquisition we’re taking a step toward enabling that participation of people with their local area, while empowering developers and local authorities to make informed decisions.

By enabling this public and private sector collaboration, powered through data insights, we seek not only to reshape public perceptions about the land market, but also to enable informed decision-making to help shape our communities.

Creating an ecosystem of tools to support developers

In pursuit of transforming the land market, we envision maintaining and improving on a comprehensive ecosystem of products tailored to address the challenges faced by developers - including streamlining the processes of land purchasing, designing, planning, and funding land through innovative solutions. 

By providing a suite of interconnected tools, we aspire to simplify and enhance the entire lifecycle of development, making it more accessible and efficient. This more holistic approach reflects our commitment to facilitating a seamless experience for stakeholders in the land market, from initial ideation to breaking ground on vibrant and sustainable communities.

A people-first approach

Crucially, the future vision of LandTech extends beyond just business success - it's about how we continue to be a company that instils pride in its employees and positively impacts their well-being. 

LandTech is committed to embedding a workplace culture that values its people. By prioritising employee well-being and professional growth, we aim to foster a thriving community within our own ranks. 

This commitment to people-centric practices reflects our dedication to not only transforming the land market, but also contributing to a positive and inclusive work environment. In essence, LandTech's future vision aligns our success by helping thousands of property professionals, empowering communities and as a leader in growing and nurturing its people. 


From our founder: A thank you to our customers and the LandTech team

While we look to the future of LandTech, we also need to take a step back and recognise those who have helped us achieve success so far. Building a product from the ground up over the last decade wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated customers and teams. 

“Over the last decade, our customers have been instrumental in shaping LandTech to what it is today. From their honest feedback and open communication with our teams, we’ve built a platform that is purpose-built for property professionals of all types. I’d personally like to thank each of our customers for their dedication and support over the last decade, as we wouldn’t be here without them,” CEO and founder, Jonny said.  

And no celebration is complete without acknowledging the internal driving force behind LandTech's success – our teams. From every corner of the business, each member has helped shape LandTech into the fantastic platform and brand it is today. 

“I want to highlight the under-pinning success of our business: that we have always firmly believed in investing and backing our team to grow and become the best version of themselves that they can be,” said Jonny. 

He continues, “It is the culture and spirit with which LandTech has done things that have enabled us to bring innovation, speed and creativity to the property market.  I know that together we can continue to go forward to achieve bigger and better things.”


Reflecting on a decade of success

With the support of a strong culture, ambitious and courageous team members, and the support of our enthusiastic customers, we’re proud of how far we’ve come. Over the last decade, LandTech has been instrumental in driving key insights, helping the industry overcome challenges, and providing developers of all sizes with a powerful set of tools to navigate the complexities of property development. 

But we’re not done. There’s work to continue in order to improve our offering as the market changes, and while we can’t predict what the future holds, our goal is to put innovation to the forefront of everything we do, while keeping our customers top of mind. As we look forward to the next decade of LandTech, we can’t wait to share our next milestones with you.


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