What's new in LandInsight? January 2024

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Warren DeLay
February 8, 2024
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It’s been a very busy start to the year here at LandTech, so we wanted to make sure you were in the loop with the latest updates to our products. Below, we’ll cover all of the newest additions to LandInsight that have been rolled out in the last month.


Site sourcing just got a whole lot easier

Starting off strong – your search for the perfect site just got a major upgrade. The Sourcing Tool has now landed in LandInsight!

Now, you can instantly find locations that tick all of your boxes in just a few clicks. Filter through your options based on location, ownership type, size, and even the more nitty-gritty details like land available and site allocations. 

And once you've got your eye on some potential sites, getting the lowdown on them is super easy. Just a click and you'll get all the details like ownership info, constraints, and even planning applications. 

Ready to give it a go? Pop over to the LandInsight app, navigate to the map view, hit the magnifying glass in the left-hand panel and select ‘Sourcing Tool’. Or, if you're looking for a deeper dive, click to book a demo with us.


Faster and easier batch letter sending

Speaking of upgrades, let's talk about sending letters. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the task of sending out batches to different landowners, we’ve got the perfect solution. LandInsight's letter sending tool has gotten a fantastic facelift, making it more efficient than ever. 

Now, cleaning up and updating recipient addresses is a piece of cake, letting you send more letters, faster, and without the headache. Curious about making your letter-sending process smoother? Check out our blog for all the juicy details.


Direct Zoopla listings access right from LandInsight

And for those who like to have all the info at their fingertips, we've made connecting to Zoopla listings through LandInsight a snap for our Hometrack users. The new addition adds a direct link to any previous  Zoopla listing providing users with a full breakdown of the listing history including photos and the property’s features, location and description. Just head to the Comparables layer to get started.


The power layer you've been dreaming of

A special treat for users of LandInsight’s power layer. For the first time, you can overlay all sorts of power data in one view – think power substations, towers, lines, and more, all alongside other vital layers. This is a game-changer for planning and development projects.


Fresh updates to your account management experience

A little housekeeping note – we've tweaked our account management setup. The My Account page is out, but finding invoices and managing payments is still easy with our new setup. Invoices can now be found in the Dashboard under the LandTech Balance tab, which will redirect to our new customer payments portal. Any historic invoices from before 2024 will need to be requested directly from accounts@land.tech.


Boost your planning insight: 'presumption in favour' data now on the Local Planning Authority panel

And for those interested in planning permissions, we've added some handy data on the Local Planning Authority panel. Now, you can quickly check out if your area has a 'presumption in favour' for applications, saving you time and guesswork when assessing an area for potential opportunities.


Unlock local insights: Neighbourhood plans now available

Last but not least, for anyone diving into local planning policies, we've got you covered with access to all Neighbourhood plans across England. These plans are incredibly valuable for understanding local policies and needs, so be sure to explore them in the Planning Policy layer.

And there you have it – a bunch of exciting updates from LandInsight to make your land and property ventures smoother and more successful. Dive in and discover how these new features can work for you. And if you’re not already using LandInsight, make sure to click the button below to request a demo from one of our experts so they can show you all these new features and more. 

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