How to connect LandInsight to your other apps with Zapier

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Jamie Irving
May 8, 2024
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LandTech are pleased to announce the introduction of Zapier integration, which allows LandInsight to communicate and integrate with a plethora of your favourite apps in a fast and easy way.

What exactly is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects various apps and services,providing automation of repetitive tasks without the need for coding. It works by creating "Zaps," which are automated workflows that link actions between different applications. It supports thousands of apps, helping LandInsight users improve productivity and streamline processes by automating tasks across different web applications (E.g. Salesforce, Outlook, Slack and Excel).

How will Zapier work with LandInsight?

We’re making it incredibly easy to connect LandInsight to the app of your choice. Just head to the integrations page on the LandInsight dashboard, where users can connect their LandTech and Zapier accounts.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is.


Why have we decided to build the Zapier integration?

LandInsight has been saving property professionals massive amounts of time and resource for well over a decade now, but there are still processes involved (when delivering data from LandInsight to 3rd party systems), which are still laborious and time consuming.

After listening to our customers, we realised that automating the connections between systems can provide users with streamlined workflows, and even more time/resource savings. Alo of this helps property professionals do what they do best in LandInsight; finding more great sites.

What other customer challenges does the Zapier integration solve?

As well as providing significant time and resource savings, the Zapier integration also reduces the possibility for errors when connecting LandInsight to other systems.

Often, when we’ve seen customers try to connect LandInsight to other systems in a manual way, they spend too much time fixing the connection when things go wrong. The Zapier integration removes this possibility and allows property professionals to focus on their real work.

What are some of the examples of how LandInsight can be connected to other systems?

  • You’ll be able to automatically populate spreadsheets with the site name, address and other details to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your existing workflows.

  • It can push your selected site’s data to a CRM(salesforce, dynamics 365, etc…)  so that you can manage sites in your existing systems.

  • You’ll be automatically able to create emails by deploying templates to message other colleagues/partners when a site is saved to improve efficiency.

How can I get started with the Zapier integration?

Our Zapier integration is currently available in Beta to any existing customers on our Unlimited plan. Email to find out more, and get started or please provide a few details to us via this form to get started.