About Castle Street Investments

Helping to shape the land of the south coast, Castle Street Investments is an independent consultancy for landowners and developers. Combining 25+ years hands-on experience across a diverse range of residential and commercial real estate, Director Glen Crump has adopted LandTech to provide an even deeper level of service knowledge for his clients. 

Technology adoption and entrepreneurship has contributed to the way Castle Street Investments has taken shape over time; using both traditional knowledge and modern innovation to develop new ways of doing business and thrive in a perpetually competitive sector.  

We chatted to them about how technology has transformed their ways of working and what the future of our partnership looks like.

What challenges were they facing?

  • Seeking technology that enabled him to be more productive as a sole entrepreneur
  • Looking for a human partnership, more than just a SaaS product
  • Expanding network and business opportunities for the future
  • Competitor technologies not as user-friendly/data rich as he was looking for

How did LandTech help solve the challenge?

Castle Street Investments has adopted the entire LandTech suite and uses all our products in synergy. 

For site sourcing with LandInsight, Glen uses an array of unique data and map-based tools to ensure maximum potential on his prospective sites. He finds the Policy layer, containing information about current and emerging constraints and settlement boundaries particularly important, helping him make strategic decisions. Combined with land assemblies, brownfield data and sketching tools, Glen uses all the information at his disposal to find sites with huge profit potential. He’s also been an active BETA tester for LandTech as we develop our letter sending tool, shaping the feature to our customers’ needs.

When it comes to finance and measuring ROI, Glen has adopted our appraisal tool in LandFund to assist him when consulting with developers, which helps demonstrate the cost breakdown and true value of the land parcel to his clients. And that’s not all, as an active LandTech Community member, Glen has successfully established new business opportunities by connecting with potential clients and advertising his listings on our members-only land marketplace.

Outside of the technology, Glen has found himself part of an engaged and attentive community at LandTech. Working closely with his customer success manager and others in our service team, Glen has received bespoke training, guidance and product feedback opportunities. “I looked at other tech platforms”, he said, “but LandTech’s products and team felt best to me.”

I use LandInsight as part of my daily routine. It allows me to find parcels of land that don’t have any planning history, or those with suitable planning applications attached, without me having to visit every single local authority website to find that out. 

The information that I can access on LandInsight helps me with time management, expanding my knowledge and gaining an understanding of what is happening in the land market.

Their user-friendly platform is a must and has a support system that’s second to none. 

I often make suggestions about how aspects could be improved through the product feedback loop, and it feels like I'm being listened to. 

It has helped me identify several sites that are currently going through either the legal or planning process, and I’m sure it will contribute to many more. 

Thank you team LandTech!

Glen Crump

What does the future look like?

Glen has big plans for Castle Street Investments, exploring ways to make it his business to help others progress in their own ventures, and he’ll continue on his path with support from LandTech. 


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