About Enfield Council

12 miles north from the centre of London lies the dynamic, diverse borough of Enfield

Home to over 330,000 inhabitants, the council has embarked on a regeneration project that will see small plots sold at auction to locals wishing to extend and renovate their surroundings, generating funds that can be reinvested into other council projects, improving housing and infrastructure in the area; a win-win for Enfield and its residents alike.

Enfield Council are auctioning land (suitable for housing extensions or development of gardens) formerly owned by the council at unprecedented rates, and they’re doing it with the support of LandTech. 

What challenges were they facing?

  • Looking for technology to assist them to work quickly and at scale
  • Needing to quickly explore ownership and planning for numerous sites
  • Needed a platform to release sites and generate awareness/potential buyers

How did LandTech help solve the challenge?

Enfield has adopted LandInsight, LandInsightGO for mobile, and LandTech Community to answer to the council’s needs. 

Being able to quickly identify ownership, planning and boundaries information was of the utmost importance to Enfield Council. Through a combination of desktop research with LandInsight and validation from field teams using LandInsightGO, valuers and asset management teams were able to work at the speed required for this project, and work seamlessly with one-another through the sites pipeline.

LandTech’s accuracy of site boundaries and map annotations has also been key for the council, aware that any inaccuracies could cause dispute among buyers. Given that their auctions have succeeded in achieving up to 3 x guide price per plot, they could not afford to get this wrong, and LandTech have helped them to assure consistent accuracy.

Within the LandTech Community, Enfield Council’s partner, Savills, were authorised to release land on their behalf. In order to achieve transparent disposal of public assets, they have chosen LandDeals - our exclusive land marketplace - to assist.

What does the future look like?

At the moment, Enfield Council are rapidly churning through their pipeline of sites, generating excellent returns at auction to be reinvested into the borough itself. Their initial goal of releasing smaller sites is within reach, so the near future could see Enfield Council pivoting towards a more active site finding process. New housing and infrastructure could spell the next chapter of  development in Enfield, and for all their workflow needs, LandTech will be here to support them.