About Metis Homes

15 years ago with support from family business RO Group, Metis Homes emerged as specialists in land acquisition. However, after building out a successful pipeline of their own, they made the natural progression into development. 

Today, they’re a renowned developer in the central south coast, having been named #1 house builder in the UK for customer satisfaction, and having previously been named Best Small House Builder at the WhatHouse Awards. Their goal is to operate at 100+ homes per year and have delivered a diverse portfolio of homes spanning luxury mansions to office conversions and everything in between, Metis Homes is growing steadily, and LandTech continues to play a significant part in the firm’s plans. 

What challenges were they facing?

  • We want to empower our team members to make the most of their time
  • We need access to rich data to help make more accurate decisions
  • We want to implement software that can keep up with our diverse portfolio

How does LandTech help?

LandTech helped the team pivot from traditional, time consuming site-finding methods (sifting through multiple online and print resources to find the information needed), to efficient site analysis (all research information aggregated into one place) that reduced hours of work to minutes. For Metis, this was the difference between needing to hire more employees for the same role, versus empowering their existing team to do more with their time; a complete game-changer. 

Today, LandTech is ingrained in the Metis process, with constraints layers and titles searches proving most valuable. LandTech’s technology has helped speed up Metis Homes’ decision-making, allowing the team to quickly progress and dismiss sites at the earliest stage, freeing them up to capitalise on the best opportunities both in the office and on the go with help from our mobile app. It’s been particularly valuable for senior stakeholders like Mike Burton who have given product feedback and seen it implemented for use; a win-win for both our teams.

Additionally, they’ve found the strategic land data within LandInsight a great guide to confirming viability. “LandTech flags up potential opportunity areas”, says Land Director Mike Burton, some flags they may not have been aware of, “and provides us more immediate information on constraints that enable us to make better and quicker decisions with landowners.” Our data is diverse and rich, accurate and up-to-date, and provides a reliable resource for the Metis portfolio.

“We have found LandTech to be a fantastic platform.

It has allowed us to improve the speed in which we undertake an initial review of a site, which has the benefit of saving my team time, but also improving the speed at which we can go back to landowners and agents on these opportunities. 

The various constraints and opportunity layers have also become an important part of our site finding process and this has become a fundamental part of our process for finding new sites for our business. 

The best part of the relationship we have with LandTech is their willingness to listen to feedback and act upon it to improve the software. We have regularly fed in our views and seen these actioned to provide a better piece of software for us to use.”

Mike Burton
Land Director

What does the future look like?

Metis has an exciting year on their hands, with the company’s biggest development site to date currently underway, consisting of 63 new homes in Fordingbridge. Metis has also had success recently achieving planning permissions in the water nutrient neutrality area in West Sussex, as well as major consents in Warsash and Nutbourne for 117 dwellings and 103 dwellings. 

All Metis sites are run through LandTech at some point in the research and due diligence stages of their process, which has helped the team to act quickly and efficiently on opportunities that presented themselves. We look forward to helping them continue to scale in the future.

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