Data Report: Opportunities for Care Home Developers

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Data Report Opportunities for Care Home Developers (1)

With the demand for high-quality care home beds surpassing supply across England, developers are presented with exceptional opportunities in this flourishing sector.

In our comprehensive report, we delve into critical data and insights, including:

  • The location of existing care homes across England.
  • The number of care homes per head of population by local authority.
  • Demographic data forecasting our ageing population.
  • The predicted shortfall in care home beds.
  • Locations of care homes currently in development and those with planning permission.
  • Demographic data indicating average income by local authority.


By identifying areas with fewer existing and planned care homes, coupled with a significant predicted shortfall in beds and an ageing population with mid-level income or higher, our report pinpoints where the greatest opportunities for care home development lie. 

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