Analysing market trends and maximising ROI with the Comparables layer

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Andrea Duke
March 21, 2024
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From mortgage rate changes to house prices fluctuations and the subsequent knock on effects from shifts in the wider economy, as a property developer, your potential success is determined by many factors that are out of your control. 

Whether you’re an experienced developer with a strong track record or you’re just getting started, you need to keep on top of any market changes and trends to understand the impacts they could have on the financial viability of your proposed development opportunities. 

We recognise it’s easier said than done, so that’s why we’ve integrated a robust set of comparables data into LandInsight to give developers a rich analysis of market conditions and trends to help you achieve the maximum ROI and better understand the viability of your development, right from the start. 


What is the Comparables layer?

LandInsight’s Comparables layer brings together crucial data from HM Land Registry, EPC certificates and more to provide users with a singular view on current market trends to help with not only research and analysis, but also due diligence and financial viability assessments as well. 

Users can explore data by sold price, market value, or delve into detailed analyses with the £/sqft calculator. In this layer you can toggle between residential and commercial properties, including distinctions among freeholds, leaseholds, and new builds.

Our partnership with Hometrack further enhances this layer by introducing an additional dataset that includes the most current comparables, valuations, and both sales and rental comps directly from Hometrack, powered by Zoopla. This integration ensures that users have access to a wealth of information, aiding in the optimisation of development projects for superior financial outcomes.

landinsight comparables layer

What data is in the Comparables layer?

The Comparables layer in LandInsight provides an extensive range of comparables data including:

Comparables Data Set (1)

All Hometrack  data is sourced directly from Hometrack themselves, powered by Zoopla. They use a variety of sources, including quantity surveyors’ measurements to keep information as accurate as possible. If you’re interested in having access to this data, get in touch with one of our experts. If you’re an existing customer Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for more details.

Best practices for maximising the Comparables layer

The Comparables layer holds a wealth of information to help developers not only validate opportunities in their patch, but also uncover insights to support expansion into new areas. In order to help you fully leverage the Comparables Layer, we’ve put together a few best practices below:

  • Utilise the Full Spectrum of Filters: Apply the various price mode filters to gain insights tailored to specific development goals. The five price mode filters include: Sold prices, market value, Hometrack asking rental, Hometrack estimated rental, and Hometrack valuation.

  • Regularly Update Analyses: With data being refreshed on a weekly to monthly basis, regularly revisiting the Comparables layer ensures decisions are based on the most current market conditions.

  • Incorporate £/sqft Calculations: This metric can offer a different perspective, especially useful in high-density areas where space is at a premium.

  • Leverage Hometrack Data for Comprehensive Evaluations: Hometrack data is a valuable investment for those looking to deepen their market analysis with rental estimations and valuations.

  • Utilise Comparables Reports: Export your filtered searches into a comprehensive Comparables Report to help you further analyse the area you intend to target, share your findings with colleagues and move forward on opportunities if the market conditionals are ideal. This feature can help you save valuable time and resource during your analysis process. 


Implementing these best practices empowers property professionals to harness the full potential of LandInsight's Comparables Layer. 


Ready to get started?

As the property market continues to evolve, having quick and easy access to compile property information like comparables data is essential for making more informed decisions, faster - helping you to stay ahead in a competitive environment, and ensuring you’re not only meeting but exceeding your development and investment goals. 

And with the above tips and tricks, you’ll be able to leverage our enhanced Comparables datasets without ever having to leave the LandInsight app. 

All of this leaves you fully equipped to identify lucrative opportunities, assess potential challenges, and make informed decisions that maximise financial returns. But the Comparables layer is just one of many views in LandInsight that can support you with your goals.

Check out our free eBook, The Seven Building Blocks to Success: A Property Developer’s Guide to LandInsight, to take a deeper look at all the data available in LandInsight and how it can help you streamline your site sourcing. 


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